Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Video yang SANGAT COMEL! ^^ ;

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hye! ;DD

Currently I'm busy with my new career, at Wendy's. Hehe ;D So, I'll be rareeeeeeeelyyyyyyyy online! It was such a tiring work. Yes. I'm physically TIRED! But mentally, it was like you're swimming in a pool of chocolate! Yummy! Heaven! ;D

So, I got nothing much to be updated now. I need some rest T_T

Ouh yeah! The video! Hee. Cute video to be exact. For me lah kan. For you? Ask yourself then :)

Here it is! ENJOY! Take care! Have a nice day! See ya! :-*


Awak, saya nak awak cover lagu atas tu boleh tak?
Mesti comel!
Saya cair!  Aww ;D

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Saya rumah! Saya rumahhh ^^ ;

Assalamualaikum wbt.
Hye! :D

Hah. Tajuk tu agak senget sikit. I'm HOME to be exact. Wee~ Yes yes. Dah almost 2 weeks aku dekat rumah, also known as dah habis program matrikulasi untuk sesi 2010/2011. Alhamdulillah... Tu aje yang mampu aku ucapkan :') Thank you Allah :')

Sedih ke aku bila dah habes matriks? Yes. I admit that...

Okay, memang before habis matriks aritu tu lagi dah plan nak cite semua pengalaman sepanjang memegang title pelajar matrikulasi tu. YES. SEMUA! Hehe. Takde ape la. Just untuk berkongsi dengan semua yang baca blog ni. And who knows, adik-adik di luar sane tu yang nak tau pasal matriculation life ni kan? But, kalau baca blog ni, more to Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan lah ye adik-adik. Hehehee ;D

Hmm. Actually, takde ape pun nak tulis dekat sini. Nak warm up je balek. Sebab dah lame tak blogging. Kesian blog ni terabai for almost 2 months! -_-" Salahkan KMNS! Salahkan KMNS! Haha. Evil :p

So, insya'Allah aku akan start share my experiences, stories bout my life in matrix ASAP :)

Andddd yeahh, THE ROYAL WEDDING! Maybe its still not too late to congratulate the most sweet, adorable couple in the universe, for the time being lah kan. Huahuahua :p

Prince William Arthur Philip Louis 
Catherine Elizabeth Middleton

Okay, here are few photos of the adorable couple I want to share with. Enjoy! ;D

When fairy tale turns into reality. Awhhsomeeee! :D

Don't you guys think that she has such a beautiful, catchy smile?
Ahh, jealousy runs in my blood right nowww! ;D

Okayy, this is the most funny part!
Since when did fairytale comes to life? Ehehee ;D

They're perfectly matched each other right?
There's something we call 'sentimental value' in it :)

May god bless you && live together happily ever after. Kate, you're born to be a princess, and a queen, soon! Ahh, you don't know how lucky you're :)

Okay, till then, see you guys in the upcoming post!
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