Thursday, September 25, 2008

froggy , onggedekgedek

Last tuesday , AB sibs have done an experiment about respiration system of frog and fish.
Here , take a look what we did on that day :D
Have fun !!

katak b4 chlorofom

The froggyfroggy before dipengsankan :D

mari zoom katak

Lets zoom in the froggyfroggy !

katak plus ikan

The froggy woth the fishy :D

katak da kene klorofom

Waaaa , froggyfroggy dah pengsan :P

*kepale ikan yg besar tu, nulin pnye !

we r ready !

Oke , we're ready now !

*semue tak sabarrr :P

yan basuh katak

Yanyan clean up the froggyfroggy :D

my group !

bedah 1

My groupppp !

belah kulit

First step

*cabut kulit dye ! :D


Finally , this is the organs of the froggyfroggy :D


The Ceria (Doctors Lool Alike)

paan kene buli

Paan kene buli :DD

arman comel   kulit katak

Arman Cute !

*dye pegang kulit katak :D



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