Tuesday, July 14, 2009

good luck for ur trial, baby! ;

today is the first day for UPSR's Trial Exam. so, the only person in my beloved family who sit for that exam is my lil brother...

Mohd Rifai'e b. Mohd Rashid

so, here, i want to wish him a veryveryvery goodluck in his exam. do ur best, baby! angah prcaya baby blh buat yg TERbaik! insyaallah :)

ehhh, btw, while searching for the image above, i found an essay which is very interesting or should i say, very funny? haha(!) let's take a look...

haih, adakah ini kesan P**MI? or budak ni sememangnye mix blood? heh, idc lah xP


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