Thursday, January 1, 2009

byebye 2008, hello 2009 ;

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ahaa, this is my 1st post for 2009.

ehh, alhamdulillah btw because, finally, 2008 left us. but, that's doesn't mean i hate 2008 okay. it was just because, i've faced too many bad things on that year. my late only grandfather left us on august. my result is just okayy. arghh, too many to be wrote.

so, today, on 1st January 2009

i dont want to be the old, silly, crazy Mia anymore. i want to be the NEW me!

just pray for me, okayy :)

especially, i will face my SPM soon. need to be serious from now. INDEED!

  • no more playplay *gaya teacher patvinder
  • no more tgglkan solat 5 waktu *exc. time tuutt :D
  • no more novel *exc. novel skola
  • no more myspace *rarely online
  • no more PSP *arghh :|
  • no more blog *exc. klau perlu update :)
  • no more being rude to EVERYONE *family and friends esp :)
  • no more berangan-angan *ohh no, hb my frank lampard??
  • no more bolabola *haaa, yg ni BOLEH. haha :D
  • no more ponteng skola *ehh, aku prnh ponteng ke??

arghh, no more, no more, and no more lahh ;)

so, once again, i want to say so so so so sorry for all the wrong things that i've done to all of you. let bygone be bygone. leave the old life/story/chapter, build the GREAT, SUPERB NEW ONE. and i'm really sure that all of us will be okayy :)

love ; mia<33


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