Sunday, August 23, 2009

Chelsea vs. Fulham;


well, buat masa ni, alhamdulillah, The Blues xprnh kalah lg since EPL start. until today, Arsenal was on the top and Chelsea was on the 4th place. ohh yeah, sblm trlupe, game the blues dgn Hull City aritu, Chelsea mng 2-1 anddd game between Chelsea dgn Sunderland, ehemm, Chelsea mng 3-1:) but, siyesly, aku mmg TERKEJUT GILA dgn performance the gunners skrg. gol diorg, perghhh! mesti lbih drpd 1! haih. nk buat lwk ke diorg ni? haha. red devils pun buat LAWAK mlm td. 1st half 0-0, TAPI, 2nd half, terus dpt 5 GOL! x ke LAWAK tu? :P ohho, xpexpe, xlame lg, Chelsea akan dduk dkt ats skali and xturun2 dah. haha:D okayokay, back to the point, arini, ade game between Chelsea dgn Fulham. Away game btw. so, aku sure yg the blues akan belasah fulham teruk2. hahha(!) **ohh LAMPARD sayangg, tlg la score gol mlm nnti, at least 1. hee :P i know u can do it, gemokk<33


Chelsea FC vs. Fulham FC
STD Craven Cottage
11.00pm, 23rd August 2009
Channel 812


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