Friday, November 27, 2009

1, 2, 3, ehh 4 more lahh ;

countdown to FREEDOM :

1. Biology
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Tasawwur Islam

i have another 11 papers to go through. hmmm. i can't describe my feeling right now in words. ehh, Salam Aidiladha btw. recently, my life had turned upside down. i'm soooo lazy to do revision though the next papers was the toughest one. especially physics and biology. i do love chemistry more than physics. hee. (marah pn. norliah karang :DD) but uhh, can someone tell me how to be in love with physics cz i can't memorise all of the physics concept, application, formula blablabla. heheh :DD ahh, forget about physics for a while. lets share about 2nd Week of SPM :)

well, Mathematics Modern was quite easy. i mean paper 1 laa. if the answers given by my teacher was so-true, i got 38 correct out of 40. fuhh, what a relieved :) *i'm not showing off okay! but, uhh, paper 2 wasn't easy as what i've expected. i'm not confident that i can get a good marks for it. the probability question had drive me crazyyy u know! how come it asked about 'sample space'?? i've learnt bout it before, but arghh, i'm not remember abt it at all -_______- so, now, i'm only 50% sure that i can get an A+ for maths mod. insyaallah :)

Pend. Agama Islam. as usual, i hv no confident at all to get a good marks for paper 1. the objective ques was tough. luckily, there was about Ibnu Sina in Sirah's question. so, i choose that question that came along with Adab Terhadap Pemimpin which was easy too. hee :) andd, as i have about 3hours++ till the next paper(paper 2), i can do a lot of revision about Tilawah Al-Quran and Hadis. alhamdulillah, i can answer the paper with no objection except for the jawi and tajwid's question --" hopefully, i can get an A for PAI cz i dont want the sorrow to come into my life again as what i've been through during the trial exam. hurmm...

Additional Mathematics. the subject that all of the candidates afraid of. including me. yeahh, most of my friends said that they can do paper 1 easily even some of the ques wasn't easy. but, uhhhh, i'm 101% sure that all of the candidates will agree with me that paper 2 was the TOUGHEST PAPER that they've answered. most of the ques forced us to think to the limit. and the nightmare really happen cz the marks provided for each ques was-so-high! uhh, the truth is, i've lost 10marks++ freely. idk why i cant answer the ques about equation of the curve, tangent, blablabla cz i've done some exercises abt it before :| i hate myself! seriously! -____________________________-

but, as what people said, let bygone, be bygone. i'll try to forget the past and pay 100% attention for the next papers. insyaallah. please pray for me and may Allah bless u :)


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