Thursday, December 10, 2009

my last 4 papers ;

here, I'd like to write about my last 4 papers for SPM which are Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Tasawwur Islam. first of all, I'd like to thank god for giving me a good health along the exam weeks so I can answer those papers without greenish-yellow liquid in my nose or throat. haha :DD geli kan? sorry :P so, lets start with Biology.

-when I look through the timetable for the first time, I was really shocked. it was like, what the...? we need to answer Biology Paper 2 first?? in the early morning?? mane blh fikir pagi2 buta tu lahhhhhhhhhhh. haishh. but, when I finished the paper, it was the biggest relieved that I ever felt. rasa lega sgt cz tinggal paper 1&3 aje. and, for me, those Biology papers are quite easy and not as hard as what I expected. I hope that I can get at least 'B' for Bio. pray for me yeah :)

-ahha, the most subject that I LIKE(sarcastic). haha :D and, as usual, I have no confident at all to get the BEST result/mark for Physics papers. jz hoping that I'll get B or at least C. hurm :|

-I can do quite well for paper 1&2. but, paper 3?? no comment. the 1st question was really tough and I've stucked there for about half an hour. hah! can someone tell me, what is the answer for no. 46(paper 1)?? kindly let me know cz it was quite important. hee :P

Tasawwur Islam:
-do u believe if I said that I don't even do the revision for form 5 syllibus? it is TRUE and I'm not kidding man! but, alhamdulillah, I can answer paper 2 questions, but stuck with one of it. paper 1? huh, tough, tough, and tough! fullstop.

so, I've done all of my best, and as usual, let Allah swt do the rest :)

ohh yeahhh.

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