Saturday, April 10, 2010

A wonderful day at KLCC and WWM ;

Assalamualaikum wbt. :)

Erm, I feel like wanna post this in English. Sorry for any mistakes. I'm still trying to improve myself :)

Last Thursday(8/4/2010), my friends(from the English class) and I went to KLCC as we need to complete the tasks given by our tutor, Mr. David. "Whatever it is, speak in English". That was what Mr. David said before all of us start the trip :D

1) Book Store

= We went to Kinokuniya and we need to find 3 books related to our interests. Then, we need to write down the synopsis of the book that we like the most.

2) Interview 3 People (Foreigners)

= I think this is the most challenging task. Luckily, I got Haifa and Nazri in my group, because I'm quite shy to talk with people, in front of the public! -.-" Plus, we're very lucky too because we got such a sporting interviewees. Thanks to Irfah Abdi Osman(from Saudi Arabiah), June(from Scotland) and Fatima(from Iran). We need to ask  them about their experiences and what they think about Malaysia. And we got the same answers, Malaysia is a nice country, and everything just great. :)

3) A Restaurant

= We went to Du Viet restaurant and we ask them about their special dish, how to make a reservation for a birthday party, the cost and many more. Basically, the restaurant serve Vietnamese food and it was not the right place for a birthday party -.-"

4) Special Site : KLCC Sky Bridge

= We're having few problems here because we need to wait for the right person to answer our questions. I'm wondering, why don't just the person at the information counter answer our simple questions because we just want to know about the fees, attire, duration of the tour etc. -.-"

5) KLCC Information Centre

= We need to ask directions to 3 locations, Aquaria, Petrosains and Dome Restaurant. It was quite embarrassing to ask them because most of us know how to go there :D

So, that's it. We've finished our tasks and took few pictures together near the lake area.


Then, we went to Wangsa Walk Mall for BOWLING! Yeehaaa! :D

But, we need to wait for an hour, so we just playing around in the arcade near the bowling centre.

Finally, the game begin! I think I've got my spirit to bowl back, and the light pink ball(8) suits me :D


(Edited :P)
See, I got one strike and two spares :P


yasmin said...

ngee~ok je BI mia tu..neway,teruskan perjuangan anda utk meng'improve' BI..i also need to do so since my english is broken.:)

haa..mmg pelik la kalo restoran yg serve vietnamese food wat birthday celebration. =.='

Amir said...

gurls lagi hebat main bowling dr boys? buat malu je dorang ni. haha.

NICK IRFAN said...

alamak! entry ni semua bahasa omputih plak? hehehe er.. ape2pun cntik gmbr2 dlm entry awk...

p/s=sory bkn xnk baca entry awk tp bi sy lemah sikit? hehehehe

Amirah Rashid said...

min ; thanks dear. xpe, practice makes perfect :) btw, psl restaurant tu, ktorg main pilih je. and nasib kitorg dpt restaurant yg xblh buat birthday party :D

amir ; markah girls tu dah diEDIT kot :P

nick ; jgn la ckp mcm tu. ni pn rsenye simple english je :D

shazika said...

wohaa..girls hebat

Zikr the Jalanan Sepi Perantau said...

erm.,,, long time go klcc...even 1 station from kampung baru...ngeh2...

FyZa said...

wow..ur english power la swety..gud2...=)

Amirah Rashid said...

shazika ; haha. tu edit la dear ;D

zikr ; really? alaa, xpe. bukan ade pape baru dkt KLCC tu. hee ;D

fyza ; mne ade la. biase aje ni :)

Miecyber said...

Good Luck guyss..

pusat sumber sekolah skpk said...

Good try to mira. Congratulations!

madiey said...

wah2 sgt best kalahkan lelaki. kekeke :D haihh lamenyer x main bolingg..

mira, like to read your blog! english nih, wat madi bace selang2 je post mira kali ni. hehehe jgn marah. sbb ade yg madi x phm n buat2 phm je ;p

ASaDa RyutaRo said...

hahahaha.. gelak2..

127 kunon.. tapi berderet bola masuk longkang.. hahaha..

*hampir terpercaya*

nasib baik tengok semula.. terkejut ade point 819!! hahaha..

Anonymous said...

hahaha, terkejut aku korang markah tinggi tinggi betul! edited rupanyaaaa, ciss. -_-"

best gila pegi klcc interview foreigners. :(

Amirah Rashid said...

miecyber ; thanks. ;D

pusat sumber sekolah skpk ; thanks jgk ;D

madiey ; haha. kitorang punya markah tu dah edit kott :P

asada ; muahahah. yeayy. ade jgk org terpedaya :P

lin ; tau la kau terer kann. hee ;D ape salahnye skali skale rase dpt mrkh tinggi :P jeles? alaa, xpe, lain kali kite pegi klcc, kite interview org k ;D

ayisy said...

Salam. Tahun lepas ada gak pegi Suria KLCC tp brgnya semua mewah2. Huhu.. Setakat nak cuci mata bolehlah. Hehe..

Amirah Rashid said...

ayisy ; betul tu. mmg mahal gilaa. pegi sane pn nk tgk wyg je ;D

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