Monday, January 11, 2010

What a tiring day... ;

I miss all of you guys already! :')


Actually, nk post psl Reunion Darjah 6 (2004), but, uhhh, skrg penat gilaaaaaaaa! Plus, I'm waiting for my friends to upload all of the pictures taken. I didn't bring my camera, and my phone's battery empty all of sudden! Lucky me huh? --" Ohh, even penat, rasa HAPPY GILA cz dpt jmpe kwn2 lama. Duhh, 5 thn xjmpe kot? Sume da berubah. Ehh, xnk la cite byk2 dkt sini. Later okay? :D


Ahha, esk ade bljr driving 3jam. Seriously, TAKUT okay! I've asked my dad, my mom, and even my brother to teach me the basics of driving. Clutch, gear, brake, all of those things laa. All of them agreed to bring me to Jelatek LRT station cz the place was quite free from cars. But! They canceled it just now. Haishh. Its okay la, we'll go there next morning. I mean, early in the morning. Cz the learning session start on 3pm.

Wish me LUCK guys! Even this is not the real test, I'm jz hoping that I'll do no harm to the little, tiny car. Anddd, surely I want to use the NEW car! Viva myb. Haha. Stop dreaming mya!

Okay then, we'll see in the next post. Bbye. Salam :)


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